Claire Charles of Divine Clarity Now is devoted to helping people connect in a positive and life-affirming way with their deceased loved ones. It is her great pleasure to provide this service through life affirming, spiritually and emotionally uplifting readings. She understands when others are feeling hurt, anxious, afraid or guilty about their loved-ones and their passing.

Many loved ones on the other side wish to give messages to family and friends. These messages can be about health, personal information, pets, relatives and much more. The client may also hear from their Guides, and those who love them dearly, who wish to share messages of guidance and support.

Claire believes the veil between our world and the higher realms is just that, a veil, and great comfort can happen for those wanting a touch-point with those they love and who have passed. It is as if a bridge of light creates this close connection and communication.

It is Claire’s great pleasure to be of service and she believes it is her responsibility to share this gift and to use it as intended by the Divine.